Folktales and Other Ladybug Trivia

ambitiously-ladybug-flying-above-fingersThey go by a variety of names, lady beetles, ladybirds, and ladybug. The French call the Ladybugs “les betes du bon Dieu” or creatures of God. The Swiss call ladybugs “Good God’s Little Fairy”.

There is even a myth which goes back to the medieval Europe. In the middle ages crops in Europe were plagued by pests and then the peasants started to pray to the Virgin Mary. As a result of their prayers, ladybugs appeared in the fields and ate all the pests, resulting in crops to prosper. From that time, people started considering these beetles sacred, and thus began calling them the “Bug of Our Lady” a reference to the Virgin Mary. Continue reading

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A Prince Amongst Anemone

ANPH_0_Anemone_Prince-HenryI bought my first Japanese Anemone, when my first born was just a toddler. Of course it had to be an Anemone (hupehensis) Prince Henry in honor of my son. This heirloom plant is also known as ‘Prinz Heinrich’ and is a winner of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

Prince Henry has deep rose-pink double flowers that about 3-4 inches across and sort of star shaped. The dark, divided vine-like leaves grow in a lush mound that can spread two or three feet across with the 18” flower stems waving out of the center. The branching stems of poppy-like flowers are superb for cutting. Continue reading

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Divide and Conquer

Dividing a hosta

Dividing a hosta

I’m not much on growing plants from seeds. I don’t have the patience or time to do it properly, so purchasing plants works better. However, I’m notorious for buying too large or mature for the space or more typically just planting without reading how big it will get some day causing crowding. Continue reading

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Learning about Ladybugs

Ladybug-Wallpapers-4Told my mother-in-law I was thinking of buying ladybugs for my garden because of an interesting article I’d read. She had a small conniption fit about the ladybugs that infest her home in the fall and bite her.

I researched this. Ladybugs’ mouths are too small to actually bite a human. They don’t have teeth. The yellow-orange Asian ladybugs have external pincers to draw water into their mouths and/or investigate surfaces which may feel like a sharp pinch. Typically the Asian type will occasionally “bite” if you are sweaty or are strongly perfumed. Native ladybugs don’t even do that. Continue reading

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Bringing the garden indoors

Janis Nussbaum Senungetuk fine art photographyMost gardeners seem to find ways to bring the what they love into their homes. Whether it is grasscloth wallpaper, floral upholstery, or paintings on the wall. I love finding new artists who inspire me as a gardener. Continue reading

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Garden fresh shrimp dinner salad

Photo is from recipe I used to adapt this fast-easy variation

Photo is from recipe I used to adapt this fast-easy variation

At the onset I have to admit I have not tried this recipe myself yet. I saw it on Pinterest, and knew I could modify it so that I could pull from my garden and have a nice dinner with minimal effort. Continue reading

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Spiders: Never more than 3 feet away in the garden

spiderMy mother’s family is spread out so that my cousins and their families live from coast-to-coast. While her parents lived next door to us so my relationship with my grandparents was extremely close, I wonder if I might walk past, not recognizing, one of my cousins if I ran into them on the street. Continue reading

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